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Roger Smith
Accounts Manager
Linda Maskell
Operations Manager

Linda is our Operations Manager and ensures the smooth running of all things operations. She works closely with our local trades, agents and maintains the business runs efficiently.

Roger ensure's all financials are in order. He works closely with our Investors, Accountants and all things financially related. He has a strong eye for numbers and is very approachable.


Property Associates prides itself on a world class team which focus on our clients. We do this by ensuring objectives are clearly understood and that our property investments and developments and accurate. Below are some further details about our team.

Raj Bhatt
Founder and Principal
Polly Bhatt
Project Manager

Polly manages all development projects  and works closely with Architects, Builders and sub-contractors to ensure projects are delivered smoothly. She has a wealth of experience in this area.

Raj is a highly successful Property Investor, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is considered to be a fast paced, motivated and confident Investor.