PROJECT 1 - HMO Conversion

This property was a 3-bed terrace house in the North West of England, which we have converted to a 6-bed Licensed HMO. It is now an income generating asset which produces a tidy monthly income.
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PROJECT 2 - Commercial to Residential 

This property was originally a vacant office building close to the town centre in the North East of England. We converted this to 15 units over six floors. A full renovation was required to meet the local Building Regulations and a full Planing application was required to ensure it was inline with the local Councils guidelines.
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PROJECT 3 - Developments


We specialise in Developments, residential conversions (ie. large house to flat conversions). These are extremely appealing to us and we have an trusted team to ensure the project is completed in good time and budgets. 
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PROJECT 4 - Land

We are actively seeking new land opportunities across the UK. We work closely with the Land Owner to manage the full process to include; planning, build through to completion of sales. We have an experienced team whom we have established relationship to ensure the desired result is achieved.
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