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We are working to update further projects..

PROJECT 2 - Commercial to Residential 

This property was originally a vacant office building close to the town centre in the North East of England. We converted this to 15 units over six floors. A full renovation was required to meet the local Building Regulations and a full Planing application was required to ensure it was inline with the local Councils guidelines.
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PROJECT 1 - HMO Conversion

This property was a 3-bed terrace house in the North West of England, which we have converted to a 6-bed Licensed HMO. It is now an income generating asset which produces a tidy monthly income.
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PROJECT 3 - Development


This property was a Commercial premise which was passing trade to the local community. The owners wanted to retire and the property was a prime development site. We demolished the 2 storey building and built a 4 storey mixed use development which comprises of a ground floor commercial unit and 3 residential floors above.
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